The only AI-based agronomic platform that provides resilience throughout the food supply chain, starting from the ground up

Eliminate uncertainty from agronomic decision making

yieldsApp is a disruptive, AI-based, agronomic platform that converts field data into actionable field-management decisions. It predicts, detects, and diagnoses pests, diseases, soil health and nutrient disorders. Then, automatically generates detailed daily recommendations and tailor-made action plans for the application of crop protection products and fertilizers. 

This helps farmers to increase yields, improve soil health, avoid pests and diseases, eliminate them, or prevent their spreading, while minimizing the use of agrochemicals, reducing their carbon footprint, and staying environmentally compliant.

Growers and Agronomists

Our technology empowers farmers by providing them a farm management platform and full set of AI-based tools to manage all their crop’s needs. It provides farmers with insights and dynamic field specific recommendations. The recommendations are formatted as detailed protocols, including which pesticides and fertilizers to use, when ,where, and at what rate to apply them.

Corporates and Organizations

yieldsApp seamlessly brings together farmers and ag corporates and enables resilience throughout the food supply chain. Our unique tools for corporates allow for transparency, standardization, traceability, compliance with regulations, and know-how dissemination. Corporates can access customized dashboards that provide aggregated data, allowing for more control, while achieving sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.



CroProtech combines science, artificial intelligence technology and industry expertise to help farmers manage pest and diseases.

It provides early warnings of pest and disease risk, diagnosis and dynamic crop protection protocols, ensuring compliance.

Soil-Life yieldsApp


Soil-life helps farmers to balance their soils, maintain them healthy and fertile and increase carbon sequestration.

It automatically interprets field data and generates sustainable soil management and fertilizer recommendations, avoiding excess fertilizer, depletion of organic matter and nutrient deficiencies.



SupplyGuard is specifically designed for large organizations, food ad beverage companies and governments. It helps them to achieve their sustainability goals and build resilience throughout their supply chain, starting from the ground up.

SupplyGuard provides transparency, sustainability, compliance and standardization.